Trade compliance is complicated

We’re in uncertain times for trade.

Companies engaged in international commerce should take note of increased enforcement at the border, including government investigations and penalty actions instituted pursuant to new laws such as the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (TFTEA).  Because of the increased scrutiny, it is critical for companies to be up to speed on the growing trade compliance demands to avoid penalties and disruptions to their supply chains. Evelyn Suarez is a well-recognized, experienced lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of international trade regulation.  Compliance lapses can affect your company’s reputation and bottom line. 

Ms. Suarez’s background serving the U.S. Customs Service (now known as Customs & Border Protection or CBP), combined with decades in private law practice including as a private sector advisor to the U.S. Government on customs and trade facilitation, allows her to bring in-depth knowledge and well-rounded experience to the table.
In these uncertain times, you need an experienced professional on your side. 
Whether your company requires a tailored compliance program or simply has a compliance question or has become entangled in an enforcement matter, 
contact Ms. Suarez today.