The Suarez Firm

View of a warehouse full of tires stacked high in metal cages and a man in a yellow forklift removing a stack of tires from the very top of the shelves

With the imposition of extra tariffs in recent years and a trend toward more managed trade, there is a need for up-to-date information and expertise to develop proactive business strategies and to cope with new customs and international trade requirements.  The Suarez Firm can help companies with all aspects of customs law (e.g., classification, valuation, origin, marking, free trade agreement eligibility, vessel repair duties). The firm also assists clients involved in North American supply chains understand the NAFTA rewrite – the U.S.-Mexico- Canada Agreement.  Additionally, The Suarez Firm helps clients with CBP rulings, protests, audits and in enforcement actions as well as with Commerce Department scope rulings.

A background in customs enforcement at Customs provides the ability to handle any customs enforcement action including CBP penalty assessments, customs seizures and forfeitures and claims for liquidated damages.  Whether your company is involved in an investigation concerning evasion of antidumping or countervailing duties, forced labor or customs fraud, The Suarez Firm can provide valuable assistance.

The years of experience of the founder and principal – Evelyn Suarez – in Washington, D.C. as a customs and trade lawyer provides her with the knowledge and expertise to represent clients with complex trade policy matters.  She has also represented clients in high profile congressional investigations. -2021