International Trade Law & Policy

Years of experience in the trade agencies and in private practice have given Evelyn a thorough understanding of the big picture on trade and its implications for business operations.

Strategic Analysis of International Trade Policy Developments

  • Do you have a strategy at all?
  • Have you planned for global supply chain disruptions?
  • How have you dealt with trade policies and actions resulting in extra customs duties and/ or quotas?

Evelyn Suarez, a well-respected and trusted advisor, offers clients strategic analysis of the rapidly changing landscape for international commerce, helping them understand the impact of international trade policy developments on their business operations.  Whether it is a new tariff or trade agreement, or enforcement risk caused by a new law or policy, Ms. Suarez can help interpret these new developments and analyze the impact in the context of your business operations.  This will enable your organization to make informed decisions to ensure that your business flourishes in a time of uncertainty.

International businesses cannot afford to stand still and watch what’s happening without having contingency plans.  While supply chains are dynamic, companies must anticipate various scenarios, including sudden changes, to ensure business continuity without incurring significant additional costs or disruptions. Companies need the in-depth knowledge of an expert to analyze these changes and how they can affect your business.

Rely on The Suarez Firm to provide strategic analysis of the latest developments.  Ms. Suarez has the experience and knowledge to deliver tailored consultation to keep you on track for growth even in uncertain times.

Ms. Suarez serves as an expert consultant on government affairs, providing an outside point-of-view on trade policy and customs and trade enforcement matters.

Contact The Suarez Firm if you have concerns about how current developments in international trade might affect your organization.


Recent news in International Trade

  • Trade Policy in 2021: Where Does the Next Administration Pick Up?

    You can now watch a recording of the GWU CIBER, DC/VA DEC and WIIT  program entitled “Trade Policy in 2021: Where Does the Next Administration Pick Up?” WIIT President Andrea Durkin engaged Flexport Chief Economist Phil Levy in a discussion on the current state of trade. Then Evelyn had the pleasure of moderating a discussion of tariffs, trade wars, China, the administration, and trade with Stephen Vaughn and Michael Smart. They discussed what to expect on trade with a Trump second term or under a Biden Administration.

  • Webinar – Trade Policy in 2021

    The U.S. Presidential election is now just a few short weeks away. Please join us for this timely webinar to hear about current issues in trade and what we may expect in the next presidential term for international trade policy. Evelyn is moderating the panel on Trade Policy Under Trump vs. Biden.

  • Evelyn Speaking at Canada Logistics Conference 2019

    Evelyn is speaking on a USMCA panel at the Canada Logistics Conference in October. Registration is now open.

  • NEI Webinar – What’s Next for USMCA?

    Evelyn was a presenter for the May 16th NEI Webinar titled What’s Next for USMCA? She was joined by Alejandro Garcia Seimandi and Louis Amato-Gauci to discuss the issues.