Breaking News: 2 ways to get relief from 301 tariffs on Chinese Imports

  1. For Tranche 4 $300 billion list.  Comment and testify at June hearing before USTR-led Committee in Washington, D.C. Due date for filing requests to appear and summary of expected testimony are due June 10, 2019.  Hearings will begin June 17, 2019.  Must explain why product does not advance China’s Made in China 2025 program, how they hurt your company, whether it is possible to source the product elsewhere and whether the product is easily identifiable for CBP. Official documents are available online
  2. For Tranche 3 $200 billion list.  Ask for a product exclusion.  Window for submission of requests to USTR will open “on or around June 30, 2019.” A form provided by USTSR must be used to make the exclusion request.  Form elicits same information as for Tranche 4. Official documents are available online.

For assistance, please contact Evelyn Suarez at or (202) 552-0310.