Evelyn Speaking at Canada Logistics Conference 2019

Evelyn is speaking on a USMCA panel at the Canada Logistics Conference in October. Registration is now open.

Evelyn, Louis Amato-Gauci, and Alejandro Garcia Seimandi will be presenting USMCA and Trade Policy Changes:

Over the past decades, supply chains have become tightly integrated, spurred by the principles of free trade. Now, there is tremendous uncertainty clouding North American commerce. Blind reliance on supply chain strategies that were successful in the past can result in unanticipated costs and losses due to escalating tariffs.

There are certainly high operational costs associated with re-thinking and modifying supply chains, but in the face of ongoing trade wars and renegotiated trade agreements based upon manage trade, industry must look for and adopt new strategies to minimize tariffs. Passing costs onto consumers or cutting corners with compliance are tempting tactics, but may adversely impact your business.

This session offers strategies for coping these trade policies, which are described by White House officials as “bold, creative and disruptive.” You’ll learn proven strategies for reducing tariffs and avoiding customs problems, and gain insight into contractual provisions that can mitigate the effects of a fluctuating trade environment.

More information can be found on the CITT website.