Global Trade Update: What’s in Store for African Economies

Evelyn Suarez will be speaking on the Global Trade Update panel as part of the South Africa
Investment Forum, taking place in Capetown, South Africa, from December 3rd through the 4th.

A number of significant developments are currently underway which are likely to shape the rules for
global trade in the 21st century:

The U.S. and European Union, which together represent close to half of global GDP, have
launched negotiations on a “Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership” or T-TIP, which is
expected to set standards in such areas as:

  • State-owned enterprises
  • Investor-state dispute resolution
  • Regulatory coherence investment trade in services
  • Trade facilitation.

Meanwhile, twelve countries around the Pacific Rim are negotiating a “Trans Pacific Partnership” (TPP)
which is also tackling emerging global trade issues of this nature. And at the World Trade Organization,
negotiations are at an advanced stage toward a global trade facilitation agreement. What are the
implications of these developments for Africa? How can Africa secure its rightful place in global value
chains under the new order that is emerging? What opportunities will these trends create for investment
in Africa


David Short, Senior Counsel, Trade & International Affairs, FEDEX EXPRESS


Evelyn Suarez, Attorney, Williams Mullen

Mark Cowan, CEO, Cowan Strategies