Offering years of experience in customs and international trade law and a deep understanding of global supply chains

The Suarez Firm helps clients take the risk out of international commerce. After a dramatic shift in U.S. trade policy, importers have felt the pain of extra tariffs and uncertainty in their international business. The Suarez Firm helps clients understand what to expect next and to adjust their business transactions to minimize costs and mitigate the risk of penalties or other enforcement actions by customs authorities.

Update on Product Exclusion Requests for Section 232 Duties

On September 11, 2018, the Commerce Department published in the Federal Register amendments to the rules governing product exclusion requests and objections thereto for Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs. The original product exclusion was criticized for lack of transparency and due process.  In particular, there was no vehicle…

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Update on Section 301 Tariffs on Chinese Imports and Product Exclusion Process

UPDATE: The deadline for exclusion requests for the $16 billion list effective August 23, 2018 is December 18, 2018. More information here. Effective July 6, 2018, the United States implemented an additional 25% ad valorem duty on $34b worth of imports from China. For a list of products covered…

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Timeline of the US-China Trade War

March 1: President Donald Trump announces tariffs on all imports of steel and aluminum, including metals from China. March 22: Trump announces plans to hit $50 billion worth of Chinese goods with a 25% tariff. China announces tariffs in retaliation to the steel and aluminum duties and promises a response to the latest…

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How to win a Trade War

From The Washington Post: In the game of Trade Wars, perhaps the winning move is not to play.  …

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Section 301 Tariffs for Certain Chinese Products

Covered Products On June 20, 2018, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released a list of products imported from China that will be subject to additional tariffs in the amount of 25 percent. See June 20, 2018 Federal Register notice (83 Fed. Reg. 28710) – The…

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