Offering years of experience in customs and international trade law and a deep understanding of global supply chains

The Suarez Firm helps clients take the risk out of international commerce. After a dramatic shift in U.S. trade policy, importers have felt the pain of extra tariffs and uncertainty in their international business. The Suarez Firm helps clients understand what to expect next and to adjust their business transactions to minimize costs and mitigate the risk of penalties or other enforcement actions by customs authorities.

Save the Date: Trade and Jobs Event March 6

Evelyn Suarez will be speaking at the upcoming Trade and Jobs: Exploring the Global Value Chains event on March 6, 2018, in Washington DC.The global value chains (GVCs), which encompass all activities involved in the production of goods and services on a global scale, have…

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Where Would The US Be Without Its Free Trade Agreements?

Behind the International Trade Eight Ball, That’s WhereThis article by Leila Aridi Afas and Evelyn Suarez first appeared in Global Trade Magazine on September 12, 2017.Where would the United States be without its Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)? The short answer is left behind. We will…

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TFA will take political will and private participation

This article by Evelyn Suarez first appeared on May 9th at Adam Smith Project. WTO’s trade facilitation deal has sweeping potential but needs public and private buy-in    It was big news, at least in international trade circles, when after 10 years of negotiations, the World Trade Organization finalized…

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WIIT Woman of the Year Award Presented to Cecilia Malmström

This year’s WIIT Woman of the Year award was presented to EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström. This award honors a woman who is well-known and highly respected in the profession of international trade. Evelyn Suarez had the privilege of presenting the award at a ceremony in…

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COMMENTARY: Narrowing the equality gap

This article by Evelyn Suarez first appeared on March 27th at Adam Smith Project.Studies show there is much work to be done in giving women leadership positions in tradeIt is only fitting to take stock of where women stand during Women’s History Month, the month which includes International…

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