Offering years of experience in customs and international trade law and a deep understanding of global supply chains

The Suarez Firm helps clients take the risk out of international commerce. After a dramatic shift in U.S. trade policy, importers have felt the pain of extra tariffs and uncertainty in their international business. The Suarez Firm helps clients understand what to expect next and to adjust their business transactions to minimize costs and mitigate the risk of penalties or other enforcement actions by customs authorities.

NEI Webinar – What’s Next for USMCA?

Evelyn was a presenter for the May 16th NEI Webinar titled What’s Next for USMCA? She was joined by Alejandro Garcia Seimandi and Louis Amato-Gauci to discuss the issues.

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Filing a 232 Product Exclusion Request?

What to expect if you are thinking of filing a 232 Product Exclusion Request At a recent trade conference, White House officials described the Administration’s trade policy as “bold, creative and disruptive.” President Trump’s use of Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to impose tariffs and…

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Evelyn Suarez to Present for WIT-LA Webinar on USMCA

Evelyn Suarez will be a presenter in the upcoming WIT-LA Webinar The Ties the Bind: U.S., Mexico & Canada. The focus will be on the USMCA, formerly known as NAFTA, and ways to move forward following the negotiations. This webinar is open to WIT Members and Guests. More information, including…

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Notice of Proposed Tariffs on Certain Products from the European Union

On April 12, 2019, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) published a notice of a proposed 100% ad valorem duty on various products from the European Union (EU) or certain member states.  The notice invites public comment on the preliminary list of products to be covered by such duties, which can…

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